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The Investors Dialogue on Energy operates through 5 Working Groups (WGs), each of them covering a different segment of the energy value chain.

Throughout the meetings, WG members contribute to the following activities:

  • Assessment of the main investments barriers, financial models and mapping of the support schemes throughout EU-27. It encompasses also sharing examples of the best practices through interviews, discussions and inputs.
  • Assessment of the existing schemes to identify shortcomings and areas for improvement to better tackle existing barriers to investment. 
  • Development of proposals for the improvement of existing schemes based on best practices and Member States' specificities and
  • Design of new financial support schemes to fill the gaps in the current offering and achieve EU's climate targets.

What has been discussed so far


To identify the members of the five WGs, a call for applications was launched to stakeholders with direct experience and expertise in the energy value chain and/or in the energy financing mechanism. Each WG is composed of:

  • Companies operating in the respective segment of the energy value chain of the WG. This includes individual companies, groups of companies and associations at national and EU level.
  • Public and private financial intermediaries including national promotional banks, banking institutions, insurance companies at national and EU level and
  • Public sector and civil society organisations.

Members are in principle appointed for a term of 3.5 years. WGs are of informal nature and their purpose is to provide inputs to the European Commission and any interested stakeholders on the above mentioned activities. WGs operate under the Chatham House Rule. Studies and reports under the Initiative are public and available on the website. The European Commission has no obligation nor commitment to comply, implement, follow-up or act upon the recommendations of the WGs.

If you are a Working Group Member, click here to access the ID-E Members Platform.

5 APRIL 2023
List of Working Group member organisations
(930.61 KB - PDF)


  1. April-May 2023
    Working Groups meetings: green and sustainability-linked bonds
  2. March 2023
    Working Groups meetings: equity and quasi-equity schemes
  3. January 2023
    Working Groups meetings: guarantees
  4. November 2022
    Working Groups meetings: financial instruments
  5. September 2022
    Working Groups meetings: financing models
  6. June-July 2022
    Working Groups meetings: barriers to investments
  7. June 2022
    Notification of selected candidates
  8. May 2022
    Deadline for applications
  9. April 2022
    Launch of call for applications