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Investors Dialogue on Energy

Assessing and upgrading financing schemes in the EU to remove barriers and mobilise financing in the context of the European Green Deal.

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About the initiative

The Investors Dialogue on Energy is a multi-level stakeholder platform bringing together experts from energy and finance sectors in all EU countries to assess and upgrade financing schemes to mobilise financing in the context of the European Green Deal.

Achieving the EU goal of climate neutrality by 2050 will require an unprecedented level of investment. This decade will be particularly crucial to accelerate investments in the European Green Deal. This urgency has been accentuated by the current geopolitical landscape.

In order to tackle all the challenges on the road to achieve climate neutrality, the European Commission is establishing a structured multi-level stakeholder dialogue, referred to as the Investors Dialogue on Energy. It aims to provide a platform for discussion and to gather expertise on the role of different EU financing policies and instruments that support energy investments and the achievement of the EU’s 2030 climate and energy targets.

The Investors Dialogue on Energy will bring together experts from the energy industry and financial sector operating in the following segments of the energy value chain:

  • energy production
  • transmission and distribution
  • energy storage
  • heating and cooling
  • services and prosumers

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Objective and expected outcome

The initiative will help assess existing energy financing schemes (private and public programmes, instruments, etc.) and propose upgrades for these. Where feasible and needed, it will develop proposals for pilot financial instruments, programmes or investment products, steer technical assistance and prepare suggestions for possible modifications to financial or other rules affecting investment in energy at EU and national levels.

The results will spur discussions on energy investments in the broader context of the European Green Deal and the 2050 objective of climate neutrality and may contribute to the conceptual work of current and future EU programmes. 

Working Groups

The Investors Dialogue on Energy will operate through Working Groups, each of them covering a different segment of the energy value chain. Members will be appointed for a term of 3.5 years. Working Groups will regularly meet in Brussels or online, and will collaborate on analysing support schemes, advising how to streamline investments and guiding financing towards innovative solutions.


Upcoming and past events