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The SRI platform contributes to the promotion of the SRI and related best practices. It acts as an exchange forum involving all stakeholders interested in the SRI, and a forward-looking discussion hub

SRI platform structure and governance

The platform includes expert working groups and plenaries. The platform’s governance rules can be consulted on CIRCABC.

Plenary SRI stakeholder meetings

The plenary meetings are open to all stakeholders interested in the SRI. 

Thematic SRI working groups

Next to plenary meetings, the SRI platform will also support working groups focusing on the following specific elements of the SRI

  • Working Group 1 - Member State SRI test phase: The scope of this working group comprises the testing of the SRI in EU Member States. The purpose is to share experiences and support on the testing and initial implementation of the SRI in Member States, to support evaluation and to consolidate the reporting by Member States formally involved in testing the SRI. All Member States are invited to join this working group to gain insights on the experience of testing the SRI during Member State pilot activities.
  • Working Group 2 - Maintenance & potential extension of the SRI calculation methodology: The scope of this working group comprises all aspects related to the maintenance and potential extension of the methodology of the SRI as described in the delegated act on the SRI, such as the process for updating the scoring, the weighting and the service catalogue. The purpose is to discuss and report on these methodological aspects, e.g. streamlining a common EU approach and defining a process for keeping the SRI catalogues and scoring matrices up to date.
  • Working Group 3 - SRI value proposition and supporting measures: The scope of this working group comprises all aspects related to the following topics:
    • Clarification and communication of the SRI's value proposition
    • Supporting SRI assessment
    • Professional training and capacity building
    • Consideration of needs for a common online assessment tool
    • SRI needs within the Single Market
    • Potential linkages between the SRI and other initiatives

SRI-related events

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