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Energy efficient buildings

Making buildings more energy efficient will contribute significantly to the EU achieving its energy and climate goals.

Energy performance of buildings directive

Revised in 2018, the directive will help reach the building and renovation goals set out in the European Green Deal.

Renovation wave

Renovating the EU building stock will improve energy efficiency while driving the clean energy transition

Long-term renovation strategies

EU countries have submitted strategies that foster investments in the renovation of residential and commercial buildings.

EU Building Stock Observatory

The EU Building Stock Observatory (BSO) web tool monitors the energy performance of buildings across Europe.

Smart readiness indicator

The Smart readiness indicator (SRI) is a common EU scheme for rating the smart readiness of buildings.

Nearly zero-energy buildings

The EU has proposed to move from the current nearly zero-energy buildings to zero-emission buildings by 2030.

Certificates and inspections

Energy performance certificates provide information on the energy efficiency of buildings and recommended improvements.

Financing renovations

Financial support mechanisms in EU countries can help pay for energy efficient renovations