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EU initiatives for smart energy systems

The European Commission supports various energy transition initiatives focusing on smart grids, energy storage and digitalisation.

The initiatives presented below have their own websites covering information, publications and other useful links related to them.


Bridge is a European Commission initiative within Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe that unites research and innovation projects in the areas of smart grids, energy storage, islands and digitalisation to create an overview of cross-cutting energy issues. Since its launch in 2016, the initiative has helped to fund 93 projects, out of which 58 are currently running. Over €1 billion have been invested, 860 million representing the EU support. Around 1000 organisations from 40 different countries have been or are involved in Bridge projects. The 2021 edition of the Bridge projects brochure provides a good overview of the technologies and innovations, project partners and geographical coverage of these projects.

The initiative aims to share knowledge and expertise between projects and foster a dialogue providing feedback and advice to policymakers on energy innovation, state-of-the-art technologies and solutions for energy systems and market aspects, primarily through different working groups, covering areas such as data management, regulation, citizen and consumer engagement and business models. These groups aim to show the impact Bridge projects have on the ground, and how they can help speed up the energy transition in the EU. They publish reports on their work on an annual basis and decide on future topics for collaboration at the yearly Bridge’s general assembly; and a 

Bridge newsletter


The European Technology and Innovation Platforms Smart Networks for Energy Transition (ETIP SNET) role is to advise on guiding the research, development and innovation to support the EU’s energy transition and to identify innovation barriers related to regulation and financing within the energy sector. Its mission includes setting out a vision for smart networks for energy transition and engaging stakeholders to provide policy advice on implementation pathways for reaching that vision.

ETIP SNET prepares and updates a strategic research and innovation roadmap and provides input to the SET Plan action 4, which addresses the technical challenges raised by the transformation of the energy system. Furthermore, it reports on the implementation of research, development and innovation activities at the EU, national/regional and industrial levels. 

The ETIP SNET R&I Roadmap 2022-2031 outlines the framework in which the European energy system shall be developed toward the goal of full decarbonisation by 2050. It has been agreed by extensive consultations among the more than 350 ETIP SNET experts representing the EU energy stakeholders.

ETIP SNET newsletter


The European Interconnection for Research Innovation and Entrepreneurship (EIRIE) online platform is interactive and multifunctional, connecting energy research and innovation communities throughout the EU. Its goal is to provide a comprehensive knowledge repository, enhance collaboration and strengthen the support of EU countries to the energy transition.

By unifying EU activity in the energy research and development areas, the EIRIE platform acts as a single point of reference, connecting several databases and platforms in one single place. It offers relevant stakeholders in the energy sector and EU citizens diverse functionalities and tools, such as overviews on exploitable project results, tools and methodologies for smart grids, stakeholders community building and collaboration, training services and information on research and innovation funding opportunities, among others.