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Implementation tools

Smart Readiness Indicator guidelines for EU countries and assessors, and examples of digital calculation tools.

For national authorities

Provisional guidance on the implementation of the SRI: This document is an output of the activities of the SRI support team and aims to provide provisional guidance on the implementation of the SRI during the period when EU countries may opt to conduct test phases. At a future date the Commission may prepare formal guidance on the implementation of the SRI informed by the experience accrued during the national test phases. The current version presents guidance that draws upon the knowledge of the SRI technical support team and some experience already relayed through provisional testing.

For SRI assessors

To take part in a national testing phase or a research and innovation project, you can fill in a form and ask for the SRI assessment package, which consists of a calculation sheet and a practical guide. This video provides a live demonstration of using the SRI assessment package with practical examples.

This training and assessment material is provided in English – material in other languages and adapted to national specificities can be found at “The SRI in EU countries”.

SRI digital calculation tools

Several initiatives are currently being implemented to develop digital tools that support the implementation of SRI assessments, and that provide complementary SRI-related services to improve smartness of buildings. Non-confidential information about these initiatives is provided in the table below.

In case you would like to see your own initiative also referenced in this table, please contact ENER-BUILDINGSatec [dot] europa [dot] eu (ENER-BUILDINGS[at]ec[dot]europa[dot]eu)