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EU Building Stock Observatory

The EU Building Stock Observatory (BSO) web tool monitors the energy performance of buildings across Europe.


The EU Building Stock Observatory (BSO) was established in 2016 as part of the Clean energy for all Europeans package, and aims to provide a better understanding of the energy performance of the building sector through reliable, consistent and comparable data.

More transparent information on buildings can support monitoring the implementation of different measures and contribute to future policy making. The data published in the BSO can therefore be very useful to policy-makers, investors, stakeholders, local and national authorities and researchers.

The BSO contains a database, a data mapper and factsheets for monitoring the energy performance of buildings across Europe.

It covers a broad range of energy related topics and provide information on the building stock, energy consumption, building elements and technical building systems installed, energy performance certificates, nearly zero-energy buildings and renovation rates, but also areas like energy poverty and financing aspects.

The Commission was supported by external contract services (1st phase: 2014-2016, 2nd phase: 2017-2020) for the development and the maintenance of the Observatory. The Commission will publish a call for the continuation of the Observatory in the first quarter 2022.

The database

There are 250 indicators feeding into the BSO database. The indicators are organised according to ten thematic areas

  • building stock characteristics
  • building shell performance
  • technical building systems
  • nearly Zero-Energy Buildings
  • building renovation
  • energy consumption
  • certification
  • financing
  • energy poverty
  • energy market

Every set of data can be viewed per topic, year and country, or the EU as a whole. Once you have selected the indicators, the data is presented in summary tables and graphs, with references to every data source.

The sources come from Eurostat, the European Commission's Joint Research Centre, EU funded projects, data from national and official statistics in the EU countries, databases on energy performance certificates and data from market providers, among others.

The datamapper

The BSO datamapper is using maps and graphs to present indicators and allows users to compare the related information and data between EU countries.

All data from the data and graphs can be downloaded.

The factsheets

To promote and publish the results from the database, the BSO produces both thematic and country-specific factsheets that addressthe most relevant issues, present results in charts and tables, and provides customised descriptions of the data.

The factsheets presents the most important features, including indicators and recommendations, in relation to implementation of EU buildings legislation. They also present key statistics, analysis and policy context. The country-specific factsheets also provide a national policy context.


The EU Building Stock Observatory will issue regular newsletters as of late 2022, highlighting new data, updates of the web tool, news, events and more. It is already possible to sign up to the BSO mailing list to be sure to miss no upcoming news or event information or write to if you have other requests concerning the tool.