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Energy Transition Expertise Centre


The Energy Transition Expertise Centre (EnTEC) is a multi-disciplinary centre of expertise for the energy transition, aiming to identify relevant future topics for the energy transition.

What is EnTEC?

To reply to the challenges of the clean energy transition and to meet the ambitious targets of the European Green Deal, a (virtual) multidisciplinary Energy Transition Expertise Centre (EnTEC) has been set up. Its main objective is to monitor and analyse trends in technologies and innovations that are relevant for the energy transition, in the energy sector but also in other relevant sectors, in particular transport and mobility, industry, the digital sector and cities, homes and buildings. The centres work is also related to the overall aim of creating a (more) sustainable society.

Further, the experts of the EnTEC analyse the impacts of technologies and innovations on the energy transition, provide recommendations for policy responses that guide the energy transition and its impact on and interaction with other sectors and with other policy areas.

To achieve this, EnTEC elaborates and applies a systematic framework for monitoring and identification of relevant topics, of which 3-4 are selected on an annual basis and defined for an explorative or in-depth analysis. The explorative/in-depth projects are framed and conducted by the Innovation Research Team (IRES) of the EnTEC and external experts.

Project planning

EnTEC events



Project kick-off

January 2021


Website launch

March 2021


Stakeholder event

January 2022

Energy Transition Expertise Centre Stakeholder Workshop

Stakeholder event

February 2023

Energy Transition Expertise Centre’s studies

EnTEC studies



Digitalisation study

Published in
March 2022

Digitalisation of energy flexibility

Hydrogen study

Published in
March 2022

The role of renewable H₂ import & storage to scale up the EU deployment of renewable H₂

Storage study

Published in
March 2023

Study on energy storage

Competitiveness study

Published in
March 2023

Competitiveness of system integration elements

Carbone capture and storage study

Ongoing since July 2022


Multi-supplier study

On-going since October 2022


Energy data space study

On-going since December 2022


Note: other events, such as enquiries, will be added to the planning when they are available

Study team

The Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI (Germany) analyses the origins and impacts of innovations and researches the short- and long-term developments of innovation processes and the impacts of new technologies and services on society. Its expertise is founded on its scientific competence as well as an interdisciplinary and systemic research approach.

Role in the study: Technical and project management of the EnTEC; core sector expertise in all relevant sectors.

Guidehouse collaborates with and serves as trusted advisers to utilities and energy companies, large corporations, investors, NGOs, and the public sector to help them thrive in the rapidly changing energy, resources, and infrastructure environment. Guidehouse’s areas of expertise include sustainable energy policy design and evaluation, including RES development, power market design, energy efficiency policies and climate change measures, and we conduct around 40 large projects in the European public sector domain annually.

Role in project and study: sector expertise in cities, buildings and homes; energy; industries and services

The Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) is an independent research organisation which carries out applied R&D on, among others, strategic business & policy analysis, energy technologies, traffic & transport, and circular economy and environment. TNO provides in-depth knowledge across the entire breadth of the energy system to support authorities at all levels as well as industry, companies, trade associations, NGOs and citizens in accelerating the energy transition.

Role in the study: Quality management; sector expertise in energy, mobility and transport, and cities, buildings and homes

The Faculty of Geosciences has a leading international position in academic research into sustainability, and urbanisation. The research group Energy&Resources focuses its research on transitioning to a sustainable energy and resource systems, with special attention to integrating the efficient use of energy and resources with renewable energy supply solutions, at various scales.

Role in project: sector expertise with a special focus on energy, society, bio-economy, transition

McKinsey & Company is a leading global management consulting firm that employs more than 30,000 people across 65 countries. (reduce space) They have cutting-edge expertise in 180 areas across 22 industry practices and 12 business functions, supported by substantial research and knowledge development efforts. Their functional practices include a range of new ways to help clients access data and insights and implement change in different industries, including agriculture, automotive,oil & gas, electric power & natural gas, and chemicals.

Role in the study: sector expertise in digital and decarbonisation topics.

Trinomics is an economic consultancy firm that conducts research and provides policy advice to diverse public and private sector clients for topics related to energy, environment and climate change. It has extensive expertise on a variety of methods and tools, as well as, in the field of energy, on topics such as energy technology innovation, decarbonisation pathways and energy-economy interactions.

Role in the study: Sector expertise in the field of energy, digitalisation, industry and services, and cities and buildings.


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