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News announcement18 April 2024Directorate-General for Energy1 min read

Commission adopts recommendation on clinical audits of medical radiological practices

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The Commission has today adopted a Recommendation on clinical audits of medical radiological practices (2024/1112/Euratom). It sets out specific measures and good practices on how to set up and maintain a national audit system in radiology, radiotherapy and nuclear medicine. As such, the recommendation will help to deliver safe and high-quality diagnostic and therapeutic radiological procedures to patients in the EU.

These measures aim at helping EU countries to comply with the EU Basic Safety Standards Directive on radiation protection. This work is part of the SAMIRA action plan (Strategic Agenda for Medical Ionising Radiation Applications), the EU's first initiative to support a safe, high quality and reliable use of radiological and nuclear technology in healthcare. The action plan defines EU actions in 3 priority areas

  • securing the supply of medical radioisotopes
  • improving radiation safety and quality in medicine
  • facilitating innovation and the technological development of medical ionising radiation applications

Commissioner Kadri Simson stated

'It is of utmost importance for European patients, their families and healthcare workers to be reassured they have access to the best and safest radiological practices. I would like to thank Member States’ authorities and stakeholders from the areas of health and radiation safety for working together as part of SAMIRA and laying the groundwork for this Recommendation. This is an important step in completing the EU’s first of its kind SAMIRA Action Plan, especially as regards improving radiation safety and quality in medicine.'

SAMIRA is supported by a steering group on quality and safety of medical applications of ionising radiation (SGQS), an expert group that brings together representatives of EU health and radiation protection authorities. In 2023, the SGQS prepared a Position Paper which served as a basis for the Commission to put forward the recommendation now adopted.

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Publication date
18 April 2024
Directorate-General for Energy