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News announcement20 December 2022Directorate-General for Energy

2021 Ecodesign Impact Accounting report


The European Commission has recently published the 2021 Ecodesign Impact Accounting report. This updates the energy and consumer cost savings resulting from EU ecodesign and energy labelling rules. It provides illustrations of the improvements achieved for products such as light bulbs, boilers and washing machines and the estimated total and per product energy savings.

These EU rules are estimated to have reduced our primary energy use by around 10% along with substantial climate and other environmental benefits. The total electricity savings are almost as large as the EU’s total hydro or wind energy production.

Europeans save money because of the improved energy efficiency and other aspects of the products they buy. To help consumers compare the energy performance of products when making purchases, they can now consult the EPREL product database that is accessible via the QR code on the energy label.

These requirements have been gradually put in place over the last 30 years. This work continues, and the European Commission has published its planning for further Ecodesign and energy labelling requirements for energy-related products.

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Publication date
20 December 2022
Directorate-General for Energy