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The meetings

The Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage Forum (CCUS Forum) was established in 2021 and meets annually since. It brings together representatives from the EU institutions, EU and third countries, NGOs, business leaders and academia to facilitate the deployment of CCUS technologies.

11 October 2021, Brussels

The first high-level CCUS Forum took place in October 2021 and gathered nearly 400 participants revealing a growing interest in CCS and CCU and the need for ongoing stakeholder dialogue.

As a result of the first forum, 3 working groups were established

  • WG 1 deals with the CO2 infrastructure and addresses the prevailing lack of infrastructure development
  •  WG 2 develops a CCUS vision document examining the role of CCUS in decarbonising energy in the EU
  • WG 3 is about industrial partnership and works towards better industry involvement in technology deployment.

27-28 October 2022, Oslo

The working groups helped prepare the second Forum plenary in Oslo on 27-28 October 2022 in cooperation with the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy. It gathered almost 300 in-person participants and up to 1400 online, showing a growing interest and importance of CCS and CCU in mitigating climate change.

The meeting documents and links to the recordings are accessible on a dedicated page (CIRCABC).

The Working Groups

The CCUS Forum’s work is supported by its 3 working groups (WGs), organised by the Commission and moderated and supported by co-chairs selected from participating stakeholders, ensuring balanced representation (NGOs, think tanks, public administration, and industry associations).

The working groups are composed of a wide range of stakeholders and are open to everyone to participate. They meet regularly throughout the year and prepare input for the annual plenary session of the Forum.

The plenary in Oslo in 2022 signed off on 2 issue papers prepared by stakeholders in an inclusive, bottom-up process coordinated by the working group’s co-chairs and transmitted to the Commission to consider in its policy work on the CCUS Communication.

The plenary session in Oslo also recommended restructuring of the Working Groups. From January 2023, four working groups operate under the Forum umbrella: 

WG on CO2 infrastructure

WG on industrial partnership for CCUS

WG on public perception

WG on the CCUS Strategy

These working groups will prepare the next plenary session of the Forum in November 2023.

The deadline for applications to join the CCUS Forum working groups has now expired. In case of interest in participating in the Forum in the future, please send an email to