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Scientific seminars and publications

The European Commission organises annual seminars on radiation protection topics and publishes the seminar proceedings.

The European Commission organises a yearly scientific seminar on specific radiation protection topics. The seminar programmes, presentations and other related documents are accessible and listed in chronological order since 1997. The seminar proceedings are also published, as part of the European Commission’s radiation protection publications.

Based on the outcome of the annual seminar, the group of independent radiation protection and public health experts helps the Commission and may recommend new research, regulations, or legislation.

The members of the group are appointed for 5 years at a time by the Scientific and Technical Committee, set up under Article 134 of the Euratom Treaty.

The Commission has issued publications on radiation protection since 1976. They are all listed in chronological order on the dedicated page below. In recent years, these publications were published by the Publications Office of the EU.

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