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Markets and consumers

Market legislation

New rules on electricity market design are a key part of the Clean energy for all Europeans package.

Energy consumer rights

EU rules that protect energy consumers and provide them with the freedom to select their energy supplier.

Wholesale energy market

The EU sets rules on wholesale energy trading to foster competition in the energy market.

EU Energy prices

Energy pricing models and EU response to the 2021 surge in wholesale energy prices

Smart grids and meters

Smart grids and smart meters enable better management of energy networks and more efficient consumption.

Clean energy for EU islands

Providing a long-term framework to help EU islands generate their own sustainable, low-cost energy.

Energy communities

Collective actions of citizens coming together to participate in the energy system, taking ownership of their energy consumption.

Capacity mechanisms

Capacity mechanisms are measures taken in support of medium and long term electricity supply security.

Energy taxation

The impact of taxation on energy prices for EU industry and households.

Government intervention on energy markets

The EU issues guidance for government intervention in energy markets.

The euro in the field of energy

A stronger role of the euro in energy transactions will help realise the energy union's key objectives.

Single market progress report

Energy market progress reports describe the state of energy market integration and future steps to be taken.