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Energy union indicators webtool

The aim of the energy union strategy (COM/2015/080) is to ensure that European consumers – both households and businesses – have secure, affordable and clean energy.

It consists of 5 closely related and mutually reinforcing dimensions

  • security, solidarity and trust
  • a fully-integrated internal energy market
  • energy efficiency
  • climate action – decarbonising the economy
  • research, innovation and competitiveness.

The progress made in each of these dimensions is measured through key indicators.

Energy union indicators webtool

The energy union indicators webtool uses interactive graphs and tables to explore and monitor the energy union key indicators. It shows progress made in the 5 dimensions of the energy union in European countries and the EU as a whole.

View the progress of main indicators for the EU and each EU country.
View the different data sets in a colour coded map.
View and download graphs of any of the data sets. You can select which countries and which years are displayed.
View and extract all of the indicator data items.

They include measurements of greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption, renewable energy shares, energy intensities, import dependencies, prices, annual switching rates, research investments, and patents. They provide a consistent way of tracking the outcomes of energy and climate policies and demonstrate how the EU is working towards its energy and climate objectives.