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The Union for the Mediterranean supports energy cooperation through regional energy platforms covering natural gas, electricity markets, renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Union for the Mediterranean

Launched in 2008, the Union for the Mediterranean promotes economic integration and cooperation amongst 14 countries in the region (Albania, Algeria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Mauritania, Monaco, Montenegro, Morocco, Palestine, Tunisia and Turkey - Syria’s membership is currently suspended) and the EU.

For energy, the goal is to create an integrated Mediterranean energy market, and to promote renewables and energy efficiency. It is done through regional energy platforms covering the 3 priority areas

These platforms provide a permanent forum to organise dialogues and discuss policy objectives and measures, with a view to identifying concrete actions and follow-up on their implementation. The platform activities are coordinated respectively by the Observatoire Méditerranéen de l’Energie, the Association of Mediterranean Energy Regulators, the Association of the Mediterranean Transmission System Operators for electricity, the Mediterranean Association of National Agencies for Energy Management and the Regional Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency.

The ministers of the Union for the Mediterranean in charge of energy signed on 14 June 2021, a declaration underlining their commitment to reinforce cooperation on ambitious targets for energy sustainability in the Mediterranean. The declaration raises the ambition of the region to contribute to a green, just and fair energy transition and addressing untapped opportunities, in line with the climate goals.


This relation of strong interdependence in the energy sector led to the establishment of an EU-Algeria strategic partnership on energy in 2015. It covers cooperation on natural gas, renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy market integration, and consists of

  • an annual meeting of the EU Commissioner for Energy and the Algerian Minister for Energy
  • 2 working groups on gas and renewable energy / energy efficiency
  • a business forum

The strategic partnership on energy is a permanent and structural component of the Euro-Algerian relations.


In June 2024, the EU and the Government of Egypt coorganised the EU-Egypt Investment Conference where they also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the disbursement to Egypt of up to €1 billion in Macro-Financial Assistance. Private investment agreements worth €40 billion, including sectors such as renewable energy and hydrogen, were announced and signed at the event by European and Egyptian companies. 


The partnership will allow the EU and Morocco to strengthen early policy dialogue and coordination on energy, climate change, environmental protection and the green economy at bilateral, regional and multilateral levels. It is also expected to become a model for similar partnerships on the African continent, where Morocco already leads in terms of environmental and climate ambitions.

Building on synergies between the EU’s and Morocco’s respective hydrogen strategies, the Green Partnership shall also provide the basis to build long-term partnership in the nascent renewable hydrogen sector, and support the conditions for renewable hydrogen production and trade.


A Memorandum of Understanding on a strategic partnership to promote and develop the potential of investment in renewable energy, and ensure energy exchanges between the EU and Tunisia, was signed in the margins of the Tunisia Investment Forum in June 2024 by the Ambassador of the EU in Tunisia, Marcus Cornaro, and the Minister of Industry, Energy and Mines of Tunisia, Fatma Thabet Chiboub. It will support investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency projects, enhance skills and technological capacities, promote the resilience of renewable energy supply chains, and contribute to maximise the benefits of the ELMED electricity interconnector between Tunisia and Italy. 

The Memorandum of Understanding between the Republic of Tunisia and the EU underscores the shared commitment of both parties to address critical challenges related to decarbonisation and energy security, aligning with Tunisia's ambitious targets for renewable electricity and energy efficiency by 2030. The collaboration is set to bolster macroeconomic stability, vital for sustainable investments in the energy sector, thereby fostering economic growth and job creation.


16 NOVEMBER 2022
Memorandum of understanding on a strategic partnership on renewable hydrogen between the European union and the Arab republic of Egypt
17 JUNE 2022
MoU EU Egypt Israel
23 APRIL 2018
Memorandum of understanding EU-Egypt (2018-2022)
5 MAY 2015
EU-Algeria strategic partnership on energy

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