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Energy supply and pandemics

The Commission collaborates with relevant energy expert groups to ensure access to energy, risk preparedness and cross-border coordination.

Society and economy need a stable and secure supply of energy at all times. The coronavirus pandemic in 2020 demonstrates how vital reliable access to energy is for citizens and businesses, not to mention hospitals and other essential services, even if the European energy system has been resilient to shocks stemming from the pandemic.

COVID-19 pandemic

From the beginning of the crisis, the European Commission was in contact with the relevant expert groups created under EU rules:

These groups have played a key role during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as over the past years, by facilitating information sharing and collaboration amongst Member States, system operators and relevant energy agents to ensure risk preparedness and cross-border coordination.

The Commission also sought the views of the different European associations of stakeholders, and in particular the European networks of transmission system operators for electricity and gas, which shared their experience and lessons drawn.

The staff working document “Energy security: Good practices to address pandemic risks” (SWD/2020/104- DE, ES, FR, IT, PL) will be updated and amended as needed over time, in order to serve as a guide for any future pandemic.

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