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Coal Regions Learning Academy

All interested stakeholders can access the e-learning modules of the Academy.

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The Coal Regions Learning Academy was a fundamental component of the Initiative for coal regions in transition in the Western Balkans and Ukraine and remains available to stakeholders beyond the initiative's duration. It was developed through collaboration between the World Bank and the College of Europe in Natolin and the Commission actively supported its implementation.

Why enrol?

The Coal Regions Learning Academy is designed to assist relevant stakeholders in successfully planning, coordinating, and implementing their just transition programmes. It introduces learners to the many elements associated with designing and implementing an effective transition strategy, and the best approaches to make transition projects successful. The knowledge delivered by the academy reflects a broad range of case studies, global good practices, use of analytical tools and prevailing regulatory and administrative processes.


The Coal Regions Learning Academy comprises 6 high-quality e-learning modules using the World Bank’s 3x3 matrix as a logical framework comprising

  • the 3-phase programmatic approach (pre-closure, closure, regional transition)
  • 3 key thematic areas (governance, people and communities, and land and assets)

The modules cover the following topics

  • institutional governance
  • people and communities
  • environmental reclamation and repurposing of land and assets
  • bankability of transition projects
  • shielding measures for local communities
  • recultivation and protection of health and environment.

Various learning materials – such as pre-recorded lectures, presentations, information pieces, knowledge repositories, reading lists, and much more – are available to participants.


The Coal Regions Learning Academy is accessible online for all interested stakeholders. Registration on the GOXI platform, which hosts the Academy, is required to access its content. After registering, users can enrol in and follow the e-learning modules.

Register at the GOXI platform

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