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Smart Readiness Indicator joint event


The Smart Readiness Indicator joint event will be a unique opportunity to discuss the smart readiness of European buildings. The programme includes:

  • In the morning: The SRI Platform 4th Plenary Meeting, organised by the European Commission Directorate-General for Energy and the European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA).
  • In the afternoon: an SRI Day featuring Expert Talks and Panel Discussion on SRI streamlining and detailed assessment
  • Throughout the day: An exhibition of SRI projects funded by the LIFE and Horizon programs

The SRI Platform actively promotes SRI and related best practices, serving as an exchange forum. Through its plenary meetings, it gathers stakeholders and representatives from EU countries and from the European Commission to discuss technical, regulatory, and implementation aspects of the SRI. The 4th plenary meeting will offer updates on EU policy concerning SRI, highlight key activities conducted by the SRI support team, and provide updates from Member States on their testing and implementation of the SRI.

The afternoon expert talks will feature speakers representing building professionals, asset managers, regulators, assessors, and others exchanging on the building smartness streamlining. The subsequent panel discussion with deal with the technical frameworks and procedural intricacies of the SRI Audit procedure.

The SRI day is organised by the Smart Square project (Smart Tools for Smart Buildings: Enhancing the intelligence of buildings in Europe), in cooperation with the other projects from the LIFE CET SRI Cluster (SRI2MARKET, EasySRI, and SRI-ENACT).

6 MARCH 2024
Agenda - SRI Joint Event
  • energy efficiency
  • Thursday 7 March 2024, 09:00 - 17:45 (CET)
  • Brussels, Belgium

Practical information

Thursday 7 March 2024, 09:00 - 17:45 (CET)
Hybrid meeting
Comet Meetings Louise, Brussels, Belgium