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Equality platform for the energy sector

Promoting equality and inclusion in the energy sector, from energy professionals and decision-makers to consumers.

The European Union is committed to strengthening equality and inclusion in all fields of EU activity. As one of the ways to promote it in the energy sector, the European Commission established in 2021 an ‘Equality platform for the energy sector’ aimed at offering a space for discussion of issues relating to equality, facilitating exchanges of experiences and highlighting best practices.

A call for energy stakeholders from all EU countries was launched in August 2021 to inform the European Commission of any actions they were already doing to promote equality and inclusion. The platform launch event took place at the EU Sustainable Energy Week on 25 October 2021.

Any organisation representing the energy sector in the European Union can contribute to the platform. Find out how to become a member and who has already joined us.

Objective of the platform

The platform aims at strengthening the commitment to equality in all its dimensions, notably by promoting workplaces that are more diverse and inclusive. It will function as a forum to discuss equality-related issues and share concrete actions that contribute to achieving equality in the energy sector.

Equality and energy in the EU

Equality and inclusion in all its dimensions - including gender, sex, race, religion, disability, age and sexual orientation - is a core principle of the EU and a fundamental right. It is also a driver of economic growth and social well-being.

Similarly, energy policy plays an important role in both economic growth and social well-being as the EU pursues its European Green Deal ambition to become climate neutral by 2050. It is likely to become even more influential with ever-evolving new technologies and energy-related jobs. While there is growing recognition of the importance and benefits of diversity, there remains a lot to be done.

In business, politics and society, diversity is fundamental in creating equality. It is important that the energy sector actively promotes equal opportunities at all levels, from energy professionals and decision-makers to consumers.