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Working groups

The Secretariat of the Initiative for Coal Regions in Transition convenes topical Working Groups to tackle specific priority areas for European coal+ regions. The first of these groups is focusing on decarbonisation of district heating systems.


District Heating Working Group

The decarbonisation of district heating is an important challenge for many coal+ regions in Europe, which calls for regional and local solutions. The phase out commitments made by Member States imply a pressing need to find solutions to decarbonise district heating systems (DHS) that rely on coal and other fossil fuels. 

To support coal+ regions face this challenge, the Secretariat of the Initiative for Coal Regions in Transition set up a Working Group on decarbonisation of fossil fuel-based DHS. The Working Group works as a space to share experiences and identify technical options to transition DHS to non-fossil fuel alternatives among regions and/or municipalities that have already decarbonised their DHS, as well as experts from industry and academia.

The District Heating Working Group has about 15 members, and will operate from April 2023 to March 2024. During that time, four in-person meetings will be organised and facilitated by the Secretariat.

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