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EU policies aim to deliver secure, sustainable and affordable energy for citizens and businesses.

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Energy efficiency

Reducing energy consumption and achieving energy savings is essential to deliver the European Green Deal.

Renewable energy

Energy from renewable sources reduces greenhouse gas emissions and lowers our dependence on imported fossil fuels.

Markets and consumers

The EU's integrated internal energy market helps to keep energy affordable and guarantee secure supplies.

Energy strategy

The EU's strategy for secure, competitive, and sustainable energy.


A modern energy infrastructure, connecting markets and regions, is crucial to meet EU’s energy and climate goals.

Energy security

The EU works to ensure that energy supplies from abroad are secure and affordable.

Research and technology

Innovation in low-carbon and clean energy technologies are essential to fulfil the EU’s energy union strategy.

Funding and financing

EU programmes, calls for tenders and private-public initiatives to finance energy projects.

Nuclear energy

The EU aims to ensure safe and secure use of civil nuclear energy which generates almost 30% of its electricity.

Energy system integration

Our energy systems need to be sufficiently flexible to facilitate cross-border, cross-sector innovation and investment.


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European Citizens' Panel to discuss Energy Efficiency

150 randomly selected citizens from all 27 EU countries will discuss the benefits and challenges of increasing energy efficiency, and how households, businesses, and communities should act.

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In focus: EU energy security and gas supplies

AggregateEU has been the EU’s central effort to diversify its energy imports away from Russian fossil fuels and successfully contributed to our security of supply in 2023. But, what exactly is it? How did it come about? And, what has it achieved?

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