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Data and analysis

Weekly Oil Bulletin

The Oil Bulletin provides weekly prices for petroleum products in the EU.

Market analysis

Quarterly reports on European gas and electricity markets, and other market reports.

Energy prices and costs in Europe

Detailed data and analysis of energy prices and costs in Europe, published by the Commission every 2 years.

Energy modelling

Possible energy market scenarios for 2030 and 2050 based on current trends and policies.

EU energy statistical pocketbook and country datasheets

Annual EU energy statistics and energy markets in EU countries data, including national energy profiles.

Energy union indicators webtool

Interactive graphs and tables to monitor progress made towards the energy union strategy objectives.

EU crude oil imports and supply cost

The European Commission provides statistics on EU crude oil imports and crude oil supply costs.

Eurobarometer on energy

The Eurobarometer survey reports on citizens’ opinions and attitudes on EU energy policy.