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EU energy statistical pocketbook and country datasheets


EU energy in figures

The yearly “EU energy in figures - statistical pocketbook” provides an annual overview of energy-related statistics in the EU and in individual EU countries.

It includes among others data on production, consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, imports, and brief socio-economic statistics.​

The 2022 edition of EU energy in figures shows that the EU remained a global leader in renewable and low carbon production of electricity (renewables and nuclear 63%) also in 2020 and that the 27 EU countries reduced their greenhouse gas emissions by more than 30%, compared to 1990 levels.

On the EU Publications website, you can find all the energy statistical pocketbooks, since 2012.

Country datasheets

The biannual energy statistical country datasheets cover all EU countries and present, in a comparative format, long-term time-series of

  • energy balances
  • electricity and heat generation
  • main energy indicators
  • cogeneration,
  • transport fuels
  • greenhouse gases emissions

The most recent update of the country datasheets was published in August 2023.