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Research, technology and innovation

Energy storage

Energy storage can help increase the EU's security of supply and decarbonisation.

Batteries Europe

The European technology and innovation platform Batteries Europe is a one-stop-shop for battery-related research and innovation.

Digitalisation of the energy sector

Digitalisation will transform the energy systems, integrate more renewable energy and enable decarbonisation.

Flexibility markets

By integrating different technologies, flexibility markets help to incentivise changes in energy supply and demand.

Fusion energy and ITER

The EU's fusion energy activities centre on the ITER experimental reactor.

Strategic Energy Technology Plan

The European Strategic Energy Technology Plan aims to accelerate the deployment of green technologies.

Energy and smart cities

Cities using technological solutions to improve the management and efficiency of the urban environment.

Clean energy competitiveness

Clean energy technologies are key for a modern, competitive economy and to help reaching the EU’s energy and climate objectives