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Technology Roadmaps

New and emerging technologies

Raw materials and recycling

Advanced materials

Cell design and manufacturing

Application and integration: mobile

Application and integration: stationary

Raw Materials and Recycling Roadmap (February 2021)

Reporting methodologies

Reporting methodologies

Task Forces

Education and Skills Task Force - Position Paper

Sustainability Task Force - Position Paper

Safety Task Force - Position Paper

Digitalization Task Force - Position Paper

Strategic Research Agenda

Batteries Europe Strategic Research Agenda

Suggested R&I Topics - Spring 2020

Publications from the European Commission

SET Plan Implementation Progress Reports

Batteries - Technology Development Report 2020

Advanced technologies for industry - Solid-state-lithium-ion-batteries for electric vehicles

Research and innovation for sustainable batteries

Publications from Scientific Journals

Journal of Power Sources


2nd issue - December 2020

1st issue - July 2020

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29/06/2021 - Third online workshop "Skills and education for the emerging battery economy: European challenges and solutions

15/06/2021 - Second online workshop, "A holistic approach to battery safety and sustainability"

05/05/2021 - First online workshop, "Digitalization of batteries for smart energy and transport systems"



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