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Africa-EU energy partnership

Through mutual support, the Africa-EU strategic partnership improves access to secure, affordable and clean energy to both continents

As one of the partnerships under the Joint Africa-EU Strategy (JAES), adopted by 80 African and European Heads of State and Government at the 2007 Lisbon Summit, the Africa-EU Energy Partnership (AEEP) is a long-term framework for strategic dialogue aimed at sharing knowledge, setting political priorities and developing joint programmes on the key energy issues.

The overall objective of the AEEP is to improve access to secure, affordable and sustainable energy for both continents, with a special focus on increasing investment in energy infrastructure in Africa.

President Jean-Claude Juncker announced in his State of the Union Address on 12 September 2018, a new Africa-Europe alliance for sustainable investment and jobs . It aims to deepen economic and trade relations and goes beyond a donor-recipient approach, to focus on fostering an "equals’ alliance".

Joint EU-AU research and innovation partnership on renewable energy

One of the most effective ways to support the transformative path toward sustainable, affordable and accessible energy in both continents is the promotion of joint research and innovation efforts in renewable energy and energy efficiency. The European Commission is supporting the LEAP-RE project to reach this objective.

Access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all in Africa

The External Investment Plan (EIP) was adopted in September 2017 to contribute to the UN's sustainable development goals, while tackling some of the root causes of migration by boosting investments in sustainable energy related infrastructure (production, distribution) in Africa. Sustainable development goal 7 emphasised the critical role of affordable, reliable and modern energy to everyone around the world.

The EIP supports partner countries by mobilising and leveraging public and private finances, providing technical assistance to help prepare investment projects and developing a favourable investment climate and business environment.

The European Commission, EU countries and the EU financial institutions have committed to mobilise the EIP and the Electrification Financing Initiative (ElectriFI) to support the Africa Renewable Energy Initiative (AREI). This Africa-owned and led initiative, launched at COP21 in Paris in December 2015, aims at harnessing Africa's abundant renewable energy resources to support their development strategies and leapfrog towards low-carbon economic development.

High Level Platform on Sustainable Energy Investments

The Africa–Europe High Level SEI Platform brings together decision makers from the 2 continents, from the public and the private sectors and from academia, to discuss barriers and propose recommendations for investments in sustainable energy to spur growth, prosperity and employment in Africa.

Republic of South Africa

The EU and South Africa have a strategic partnership since 2006. The partnership is broad and comprehensive and dominated by mutual political, trade and development interests, including sustainable energy and climate change.

Both sides are working together on the implementation of the Paris Agremeent. On 15 November 2018, the EU and South Africa met in Brussels for a bilateral summit to assess the state of play of the partnership.


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