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Meetings of the Eastern Partnership


29/10/2020 - 5th energy panel meeting – virtual meeting


17-18/10/2019, Vilnius (LT) - 4th energy panel meeting

17/06/2019, Brussels (BE) - 3rd energy panel meeting

Eastern Partnership LNG network

In November 2018, members of the energy panel agreed to set up a regional sub-sectoral network on liquefied natural gas (LNG) markets.

The aim is to assess the economic and political opportunities for these markets in the Eastern Partnership countries.

Agendas and presentations are available at the LNG network meetings

A study on the LNG market potential in the Eastern Partner countries was finalised in early 2020. The study is available in a short and a long version that includes all technical annexes.


27/11/2018, Brussels (BE) - 2nd energy panel meeting

14-15/06/2018, Budapest (HU) - 7th workshop of Eastern Partnership energy regulatory bodies

5/06/2018, Brussels (BE) - 1st energy panel meeting

Discussions focused on the working methods of the new energy panel, progress on interconnectivity projects and energy efficiency.


5/12/2017, Brussels (BE) - Workshop on regional energy interconnectivity challenges

The event focused on project planning and the support that can be offered to this by regional programme EU4Energy, and on securing investment.

23/06/2017, Brussels (BE) - 17th meeting of Platform 3 on energy security

16-17/05/2017, Kiev (UA), 6th workshop of Eastern Partnership energy regulatory bodies

The information is also available on the CEER's webpage.

Previous meetings (2010-2016)

Previous meetings of the Eastern Partnership, including presentations and reports.

Work programmes