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EU Energy Day

Gathering key clean energy players to promote and strengthen cooperation on sustainable, secure and smart energy solutions.

The European Union has the ambition to be a global leader on renewable energy. With its 2030 targets for renewable energy and energy efficiency and its long-term commitment to the decarbonisation of its energy system, the EU has established the world's most ambitious and comprehensive set of policies and regulations.

This has allowed European companies to innovate, bring down costs, become pioneers and export their skills and products around the world, from energy efficiency technologies to offshore wind.

Since 2016, the European Commission has been organising EU Energy Days in order to present the EU's experience in promoting clean energy and its upcoming initiatives, share knowledge and expertise with international partners and give networking opportunities to businesses, innovators and investors.


EU Energy Days 2023

EU Energy Days at COP28 - Dubai 4-5 December

EU Energy Days 2022

EU Energy Day at COP27 - Sharm El-Sheikh, 14 November

EU Energy Days 2021

EU Energy Day - Hydrogen to drive the EU’s green transition - Dubai, 14 November 2021

EU Energy Days 2021

EU Energy Day at COP26: the EU leading the global energy transition - Glasgow, 5 November 2021

EU Energy Days 2020

EU Energy Day - on the road to becoming a climate-neutral continent - Abu Dhabi, 13 January 2020

EU Energy Days 2019

EU Energy Day at COP25 – UN Climate Change Conference - Madrid, 10 December 2019

EU Energy Day on sectoral integration and the clean energy transition - Abu Dhabi, 14 January 2019

EU Energy Days 2018

EU Energy Day at COP24 - Katowice, 11 December 2018

EU's Clean energy future: From technology development to system integration - Abu Dhabi, 16 January 2018

EU Energy Days 2017

Clean energy solutions for decarbonisation, economic growth and jobs - Bonn, 16 November 2017

This EU Energy Day took place in Bonn, Germany, as part of the COP 23 UN Climate Change Conference. Panel discussions focused on the new Clean Energy for EU Islands initiative and on ongoing collaboration between the EU and Africa in sustainable energy investment, and a Memorandum of Understanding between the EU Covenant of Mayors and the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions has signed.

Clean energy and urban design - Astana, 24 July 2017

Transitioning the Electricity Sector - Abu Dhabi, 17 January 2017

EU Energy Days 2016

Joint solutions for a sustainable planet​ - Marrakech, 14 November 2016