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Study on Member State Notifications on Investment Projects in Energy Infrastructure, according to Regulation (EU) 256/2014 (exercise 2015)


Publication date
10 February 2017
Directorate-General for Energy


The purpose of the study was to assess the notifications received from Member States about investment projects in energy infrastructure for accuracy and completeness by comparing them with independent sources. It covers the 2015 notifications exercise, but input from the three previous exercises was used as background. The analysis also contributed data on Member States that did not report to the Commission, in order to show an EU-wide, sector-specific overview of investments. It also considers research-based estimates of upcoming investments in energy infrastructure, quantified both in capacity and in monetary terms. The latter is not requested by Regulation 256. In sum, the study is a thorough update on both current and planned energy infrastructure at EU, Member State and sector levels. Its conclusion focuses on the added value of the information supplied by the Member States under this reporting scheme.


Final report
(2.16 MB - PDF)