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In focus: Fusion power and the ITER project

ITER is a unique project, aiming to build the world’s largest fusion machine. By fostering innovation and international collaboration, the project creates economic growth and job opportunities, while putting the EU in the lead of global fusion research.

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In focus: Hydrogen – driving the green revolution

As the EU is committed to a greater global uptake of renewable energy sources, renewable hydrogen goes hand in hand with an electricity sector that is increasingly dominated by renewable power generation.

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In focus: Towards a just and clean energy transition

More and more EU countries are announcing a coal phase-out, or preparing for it, which is not only good news for the climate, but by reducing the use of coal, we also protect our environment and improve our living conditions and our health.

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In focus: A new generation of EU energy labels

The EU energy label is – together with minimum “ecodesign” requirements - a success story that has been key in boosting the energy efficiency of everyday electric appliances like lighting, heating, fridges, freezers and televisions, but also products like fuel boilers, tyres and air conditioners.

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In focus: National energy and climate plans

Defined under the Regulation on the governance of the energy union ((EU) 2018/1999), the National energy and climate plans were established as part of the Clean energy for all Europeans package.

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In focus: Energy security in the EU

Adequate risk preparedness and smooth cross-border cooperation are paramount to help prevent or manage crisis situations, so that Member States are both willing and able to work together in solidarity in the event of a shortage.

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In focus: Renewable energy in Europe

Renewable energy will play a fundamental role in achieving the EU’s energy and climate objectives. Not only is it abundantly available within the EU, but it is also cost-competitive with fossil fuels.

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In focus: Energy efficiency in buildings

Improving energy efficiency in buildings therefore has a key role to play in achieving the ambitious goal of carbon-neutrality by 2050, set out in the European Green Deal.