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News announcement20 November 2023Directorate-General for Energy1 min read

Intermediate gas storage filling targets for 2024 announced

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The European Commission today announced intermediate gas storage filling targets that EU Member States are required to meet in 2024 to reach 90% of gas storage filled by 1 November 2024, as required by the EU Gas Storage Regulation (EU/2022/1032).

The announcement covers intermediate and binding targets for

  • 1 February
  • 1 May
  • 1 July
  • 1 September 2024

for EU countries with underground storage facilities on their territory and for EU countries that are connected to their market.

These targets are the minimum thresholds that EU Member States need to meet to ensure security of supply with refilled storage facilities for winter 2023-2024. They would ensure availability of additional gas for heating in winter and in case of unexpected high demand or supply disruptions.

The Gas Storage Regulation was agreed in June 2022 and has been instrumental for EU Member States to re-fill their gas storage facilities since then. This year, EU-wide gas storage facilities were filled to 100% by 1 November 2023, exceeding the target of 90%.

The targets for 2024 are based on input by EU Member States on the gas storage filling rates over the past 5 years. It is also based on the Commission’s assessment of the overall security of supply situation. The figures were also assessed by the Gas Coordination Group, which advises the Commission, and by the Gas Storage Committee.

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Publication date
20 November 2023
Directorate-General for Energy