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Investment needs in trans-European energy infrastructure up to 2030 and beyond


Publication date
17 April 2018
Directorate-General for Energy


The aim of the study was to collect reliable and detailed set of data which depict the investment needs until 2030 of energy transmission sub-sectors in Europe. The data was gathered directly from project promoters and subsequently reviewed and analysed by the project team of the consultant. The report from the study summarises the analyses by sector and by energy infrastructure priority corridors. Furthermore, on the basis of the available research, the study looked at the expected investment patterns between 2030 and 2050.

The expertise of research and industry was also sought on the prospects of power-to-gas and carbon network infrastructure. The results of the study were expected to provide quantified input to possible impact assessments of policy and legislative initiatives in the field of energy infrastructures, including the continuation of the Connecting Europe Facility. The study unveiled a very significant investment challenge of the sector, in particular in case of electricity assets. An analysis of the projected capital expenditures in electricity transmission, gas transmission, storage, oil supply connections, carbon networks and power-to-gas grid injections highlights an overall expenditure of EUR 229 billion in the decade 2021-2030 in the EU28 region. This adds to the EUR 67 billion still pending for commissioning up to 2020.


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