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Film4Energy Challenge

90 schools from 16 EU countries participated in this video competition, which took place between October 2021 and March 2022.

The European Commission organised the “Film4Energy Challenge” competition from October 2021 to March 2022. Schools across the EU were invited to create short videos about the importance of energy efficiency and the benefits of saving energy for their school, commune or city.


Young students know a lot about energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources. They have the power to inspire others to reduce our energy consumption to successfully promote the environmental and economic benefits of saving energy across the EU.

What was this competition about?

Students aged 12 to 15 from all EU countries were invited to create a video about how they can save energy in their daily lives, teaching their relatives, friends, neighbours and the whole world about the benefits of energy efficiency, and encouraging the use of energy-efficient alternatives for heating, cooling, transport, and other daily activities. The goal for the videos was to have a positive, educational impact on students, as well as their teachers, families and local communities.

Competition results

90 schools from 16 EU countries took part in this competition. The students worked in teams on their projects, and the result is a heterogeneous mix of videos with creative and inspiring messages.

The awarded videos are those which best portrayed the theme of energy efficiency in an innovative and enthusiastic way.

A special jury award was given to one of the entries to acknowledge its exceptional production quality.

Awarded videos

1st prize

5th Gymnasium of KalamataAct GreenGreeceLink

4 Runners-up

Liceul Teoretic Mihai IonescuThe winnersRomaniaLink
El RebolletEl RebolletSpainLink
Kauno Simono Daukanto progimnazijaŽaismingieji pikseliukaiLithuaniaLink
Daugų Vlado Mirono gimnaziumThe fantastic 5LithuaniaLink

1 Special jury award

Scuola Aldo Moro di Cerro al LambroClasse Terza B Scuola Secondaria di I GradoItalyLink

We seize this opportunity to also thank the European Youth Energy Network (EYEN) for their support regarding the evaluation of the applications.

Thanks to all participants for their work, creativity and good ideas. Watch, learn and share the awarded videos, have fun smart, save energy!

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