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Early Estimates of Main Energy Balance Sheets Components-a methodology and 2015 results

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Data publikacji
10 listopad 2016
Directorate-General for Energy


The report first identifies and assesses options for collecting or calculating preliminary data (or ‘early estimates’) on annual energy consumption for EU Member States and the EU as a whole for the year t-1 (i.e. currently 2015) within eight to nine months of the end of the year.

The second part of the report focuses on producing the early estimates for the year 2015 both for the EU as a whole and for each EU Member State on the basis of the methodologies developed. This involves the calculation of early estimates of energy balances, of the renewable energy share in gross final energy consumption and in gross electricity generation.


24 WRZESIEŃ 2021
Final report
(2.73 MB - PDF)