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Weekly Oil Bulletin

Information and maps showing weekly updates on prices of petroleum products in all EU countries


To improve the transparency of oil prices and to strengthen the internal market, the European Commission's Oil Bulletin presents weekly consumer prices for petroleum products in EU countries. The national data and prices are submitted to the Commission on Wednesdays and our subscribers receive the bulletin per mail every Thursday.

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All Weekly Oil Bulletins since 2009

Maps with fuel prices in euro

Maps providing prices (in euros) for diesel oil and euro-super 95 in all EU countries. A map is also provided for the percentage of taxes in the fuel price.

Latest Automotive gas oil (diesel oil) map

Latest Euro-super 95 map

Latest Taxation share in the consumer price of Euro-Super 95 and diesel oil map

All Weekly Oil Maps since 2010

Taxes on petroleum products

Information on value added taxes (VAT), excise duties, and other indirect taxes for petroleum products in EU countries.

Latest duties and taxes (pdf)

Latest duties and taxes (xlsx)

Price developments

Information on price developments (with and without taxes), VAT, excise duties, and consumption of petroleum products in EU countries over time.

Price developments 2005 onwards (xlsx)

Price developments by year (1994 - 2005) for all EU countries (zip)

Price developments by country (1994-2005) starting May 2004 for newer EU countries (zip)

Methodological notes on price reporting



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