Ar aghaidh go dtí an príomhábhar

Dashboard for energy prices in the EU and main trading partners

This dashboard presents monthly and annual prices series collected as part of the study on energy prices, costs and their impact on industry and households. For electricity and natural gas these cover wholesale prices, and retail prices for households (including taxes) and industry (excluding recoverable taxes and levies). For petroleum products these include crude oil prices, and the retail price of petrol, diesel and heating oil (with and without taxes).

Prices are provided for the period 2008 to 2019, and prices have been adjusted for inflation and are expressed in Euro 2018 (constant price) terms.

The EU average series represents the (final consumption) weighted average of prices for the current 27 EU countries (excluding the UK). The maximum and minimum prices represent the highest and lowest price recorded across the 27 EU countries for that period.

The Member State price series represent the consumption band (published by Eurostat) with the highest share of the market within the country, most typically for electricity Band DC (household) and ID (industry), and for natural gas Band D2 (household) and I4 (industry). For petrol and diesel prices the EU series represents the composition of the EU at that moment in time, including Croatia only since July 2013, and the UK until end 2019.

How to use the dashboard

First, select a dimension. Then, the available indicators will appear. On the right hand side a menu will appear, which allows you to download, print or change data visualisation.