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Dashboard on energy costs for EU industry and major trading partners

This dashboard presents annual energy cost series collected as part of the study on energy prices, costs and their impact on industry and households. These cover a selection of 30 sectors at NACE 2 and NACE 3-digit level for section C (Manufacturing) and 13 sectors at NACE 1 or 2-digit level for the other sections for the period 2010 to 2017. These sectors were selected based on their energy intensities, levels of trade exposure, and economic relevance.

Graphs and data tables for energy costs in value, energy costs as a share of production costs, gross operating surplus as a share of production costs and energy intensity, are presented by sector or by country depending on your selection below.

How to use the dashboard

Either start by selecting a sector (to see the energy costs per sector, profits and energy instensity) or a country (to see the country’s industrial sectors energy costs, profitability and energy instensity). On the right hand side next to the graph, a menu will appear, which allows you to download, print or change data visualisation

Note : EU27 refers to the European Union 27 Member States as of 2020 (without the UK).