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Building the investment community for innovative energy technology projects


28 maj 2018
Directorate-General for Energy


  • The overall objective of the study on ‘Building the investment community for innovative energy technology projects’ (Ref N°ENER/C2/2016-500) is to contribute to ‘increasing the volume of investment in innovative energy technologies and help achieving the EU's 2030 climate and energy targets’: Executive summary
  • This Task 1 report describes the current European investment community for clean energy innovation projects. It defines the investment community, identifies and analyses the main reasons for the lack of investment, and outlines best practices and potential complementary services to facilitate increased investments.​
  • Policy recommendation: This report analyses the key issues that obstruct private investments in clean energy innovation; Identify gaps and opportunities for improvement in the existing set of support measures at EU level;  Propose concrete recommendations for EU policy makers on how to increase the volume of private investments for EU clean energy innovation.
  • Entrepreneur’s Guide: This “Guide” is prepared for entrepreneurs to grow and finance innovative energy ventures, at helping to raise capital and find the support  business needs to grow and turn it into a lasting and thriving market player


Executive summary
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Task 1
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Policy recommendation
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Entrepreneur’s Guide
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