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Publication of a proposal for an European Partnership for the Industrial Battery Value Chain

Batteries play a central role in the EU’s ambition of becoming carbon-neutral by 2050, as it can act as both a type of energy storage and a clean energy technology. To further promote batteries and innovate the European battery value chain, the European Technology and Innovation Platform (ETIP) Batteries Europe published on 10 June a proposal for a public-private partnership on battery research.

Driving research and innovation in batteries

The proposal is one of the candidate European Partnerships of Horizon Europe and the aim is to deliver on global challenges and industrial modernisation through concerted research and innovation efforts. It involves a broad spectrum of actors like the European Commission and EU member states and associated countries, the private sector, foundations and other stakeholders.

ETIP Batteries Europe, together with EERA and BATTERY 2030+, have helped prepare the proposal for a European partnership on batteries, specifically to equip Europe to commercialise and manufacture the next-generation batteries by 2030. .

As such, the proposal also lays the ground for building the best possible innovation ecosystem for a competitive, sustainable and circular European battery value chain of both the mobility and energy sectors, thereby helping to deliver on the objectives of the European Green Deal.

Leveraging input from private sector

Significantly, the partnership will also act as a catalyst to support and leverage commitments from the private side, facilitating clustering and technology transfer, disseminating knowledge and promoting the new skills required for the development and uptake of the new technologies.

To learn more on the proposed batteries partnership and how stakeholders can contribute to building the strategic research and innovation agenda and shaping topics proposals for Horizon Europe work programmes, register for the online presentation on European Batteries Partnership on 26 June.

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