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A good beginning for 2020: Governing Board and Management Team of Batteries Europe meet for the first time in the year

The European technology and innovation platform 'Batteries Europe' started 2020 with meetings of its Management Team and Governing Board.

Its Governing Board, elected at the General Assembly in October 2019, held its first face- to-face meeting on 24 January.

The first part of the meeting, focused on the role and scope of Batteries Europe in the European battery landscape and delineated a strategic vision for the platform. The board also discussed the advancement of the batteries partnership under Horizon Europe.

The afternoon session, introduced by Vice-President Šefčovič, focused on a first discussion on the priority topics for short-term research and innovation and on the decision to establish taskforces to address identified cross-cutting topics. Governing Board members also addressed a number of organisational topics with the Secretariat, including the theme of the big stakeholder meeting in May.